Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iron Man 2 is awesome, and what you never thought you would hear about Wal-Mart.

Well it's about time I actually posted another blog so at long last here it is.

First, is a shock even to me. Wal-Mart actually did something good albiet with the help of Proctor & Gamble. A few weeks ago, NBC finally aired "Secrets of the Mountain" in mid April as we talked about on the show.

To make a long story short, Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble haven't liked what has been on the air both in content of programs and commercials. So as a grand experiment, they partnered and bought a chunk of time on NBC (which is the cheapest broadcast network at this point). What happened could very likely be the future of television.

The movie itself was decently interesting, reminding me of some of the early Hallmark movies. But what it was the commercials that I thought was the most interesting.

What Wal-Mart and P&G did is devise a way to keep viewers interested on the commercials. The companies sponsored the program as was the custom when television first started. But whenever they went to a commercial, Wal-Mart would have a Trivial Pursuit question and the answer would be given coming back from the commercial. In between would be a mixture of commercials from P&G and Wal-Mart. But the most interesting commercials were ones that were produced by both companies together. They were a series of a family and their adventures usually surrounding their trips to Wal-Mart and they happened to buy P&G products. Then once it was done it would give us a preview of the next mini episode.

I thought that all of these strategies were great and may be able to combat DVR tendencies. They created interest in the stories or trivias. The ads were less pressured and they allowed for the products to be shown in everyday situations. And by having the stories of the family within a set amount of time. The audience was able to keep it's attention on the commercials by having the stories and the set time. It made interest in the commercials supercede the urge to change the channel. In the end, that helped "Secrets of the Mountain" win the night in ratings and blew the competion out of the water. So far the experiment from the two companies seems to have been a success as a second movie made by the two companies is already in the works and is set to air in June.

Second, is my review of Iron Man 2. I am going to try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. I thought that the movie was awesome but still had a few flaws. First off I would say that the movie was not quite as the first one but for a sequel the level was extemely high.

The movie is great for a middle movie either to be succeeded by the Avengers or Iron Man 3. Definitely better then the second movie of the pirates movie and the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

This movie has a great mix of humor, action and even in jokes for the fan boys. The story itself is reminicent of the first movie but with more storylines. However all the stories come together in the end and let the story end beautifully.

There are several different in jokes from the usual Stan Lee cameo (which I enjoy discovering how they are going to hide it) to references to Captain America and Thor.

As a last bit of advice. Please stay after the credits! There is something important to see! It does deal with the next Marvel movie.

In summary, this is a great kick off to the summer movie season and a great addition to the new generation of comic book movies! Iron Man 2 is pure fun and a great way to forget your troubles for 2 hours.

We will see you soon on the next episode of Webertainment Weekly! Same bat time, same bat channel.


  1. Good post! I am sad that I missed the crazy movie with the commercial stuffs - it sounded really interesting, the way that they did it. Marketing is pretty rad like that. Also, I will go see Iron Man 2 some time soonish and will totally stay for the end of the credits... you have my promise.