Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story 3 and Query

Hey Kiddies,

Tombstone checkin' in with you. Today I'm going to give you a little preview of my pick of the week. Toy Story 3 beat out every other form of media. Imagine that!

Toy Story 3 starts off with a fantastic scene where Woody, Jessie, and Buzz fight the evil minions of Dr. Porkchop. Reminiscent of Toy Story 2's opening sequence where Buzz battles Emperor Zurg, the movie begins in true Toy Story fashion.

However, after the opening sequence the story slows down a tad with the laughs. When Andy is forced to choose between the attic and donation for his toys, Andy picks the attic. Unfortunately, Andy's mom mistakes his bag of toys as toys to be donated and Woody and the gang are transplanted to Sunnyside Day Care center.

At the center the gang is held captive by Lotso (voiced by Ned Beatty), a character that is just a little bit too much like Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2. Lotso uses Ken as a pawn to keep the gang captive, while Woody, who had escaped from Sunnyside, rescues his pals.

Although the movie is a little slow after the opening sequence, the movie has its share of laughs. I found the scene where Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton) models clothes for Barbie particularly hilarious. Buzz's Spanish dancing culminates a hilarious sub-story in which he is converted to Spanish speaking mode.

Since Toy Story, Woody and the gang have pondered what would happen when they were no longer Andy's toys. The climax to Toy Story 3 only partially deals with this major question. The climax is touching, but leaves the answer to this question up to the viewer.

Overall I felt that Toy Story 3 was a fun film with a touching ending. However, I do feel like the gang at Pixar rehashed Toy Story 2 instead of reinventing themselves. Pixar has always been known for reinventing themselves, and I certainly hope they do that with their future projects. Their new visions for the future have been the catalyst for their success. Toy Story 3 leaves the franchise open for possible movies in the future, but let's hope they leave this franchise where it stands. Let the world remember the Toy Story franchise as being one of the greatest franchises in animated history.

Now for one last segment. I want some audience participation here. I think I am going to get our fans involved a little more so...tell me who you like better...Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Leave your answer in the comment section.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Common Courtesy

Hey kiddies, Tombstone checking in with you. Today I am going to talk about a pet peeve of mine. Movie theater courtesy. Honestly, it's not that hard, yet sometimes I think movie goers are becoming more and more rude. (It could be a figment of my imagination, but a little refresher course on common courtesy can go a long way for everyone...myself included.)

So...Let's start with some basics. When the trailers or movie starts, please zip your lips. This should be an easy one. I'm assuming you paid your 6-10 buck ticket price in the attempt to pay attention to the movie and not those around you. However, there are those who seem to think it's okay to talk to their friends and family at regular talking voices throughout the motion picture. Remember that the other people in the theater didn't pay to listen to your friendly banter. They paid to listen to the film. Also, now is a good time to remind people that unlike watching a movie at home, the movie goer has no way to rewind the film and listen to what he or she missed because others are talking. While the movies are meant to be fun, please remember there are other people at the theaters besides  you and yours.

Let's move on to the next basic. Texting during the film. What many people who text during a film don't realize is that the person sitting next to them can't see...literally. I've had people sitting next to me text during a film. I didn't see one bit while they texted. The light from their phones shone so bright into my eyes, I was blinded. Needless to say I asked the gentleman sitting next to me to not text. Of course, I tried to be as polite and tactful as possible. He doesn't need me ruining his evening for the 6-10 buck ticket charge as well. The unfortunate thing about texting is is that it bothers most of the audience, not just the people sitting next to the texters.

Phones--As so many of the pre-movie advertisements state...please turn them off. This is just a good rule of thumb while visiting the theater. Hearing the custom ringtones of others isn't worth the ticket price. Nevermind the conversation of that guy who actually answers the phone. "What? I can't hear you--I'm at the theater. What was that? Oh! Wait, I'll call you back later."

Babies. Please try not to bring your baby to the 7, 8, 9, or 10 pm showing of an adult film. If you can't find or afford a sitter, and you do bring your babies, please take them outside if they begin to scream. You aren't paying me, or the other audience members, or the theater to babysit your kid.

Now, am I saying that you should be silent at all times throughout the film? No, it's okay to make a comment to your friend, date, or spouse. Just remember to be mindful of the others who are attending as well. Does this mean don't text during the trailer to tell someone where you are sitting? Absolutely not...just try and be courteous.

I think today's world can be volatile at times. The economy at the moment isn't the greatest, and people are having some hard times. Movies are often a good source of relaxation for many. However, I think that a little bit of common courtesy will go a long ways in our lives and the lives of others. Say "please," "thank-you," and "your welcome" to others at the concessions or anywhere else you might be. Hold a door open for someone you don't know. Be cool to others at the movie theater and everywhere else you go and the world will change for the better. I promise. You can quote Tombie on that.

In the meantime rush out and see the latest movie at your local theater. For me this means Get Him to the Greek sometime this weekend. And til I see you again...God Bless you and yours.

Something For The Moms & Something For The Kids

I understand when people tell me that Sex and the City looks super lame and pretentious. I understand this because I was one of those people not too long ago. I would catch a couple minutes of reruns on TBS and think, "Is this the most anti-feminine show in human existence?" However, it sucked me in as TV shows tend to do. And I'm so glad that Sex and the City did just that for me.

How did it suck me in? The drive in out door movie. It was the second feature of the night. My husband and I thought, 'Why not?'. And after I saw the FASHION, the fabulousness, the wonderful shots of New York City and the clever quips and lines of all the ladies, who BTW each represent something within each of us women, I was forever hooked.

Since that time I've watched many, if not all the episodes of SATC. Miranda is most feminist and harsh, yet strong. She stands up for people in need. Charlotte is the sweet one, the domestic one and represents the woman's need to be a wife and mother. Carrie respresents girls that just want to have fun and dress up, kiss boys and go dancing. Samantha, well she represents the sexual side of womanhood, a little too well I'm afraid.

Where SATC 1 focused on Carrie and Big's marriage and relationship, as well as the relationships of the rest of the girls, numero 2 was all fun and laid back enjoyment. The first movie was kind of depressing, overly sexual and even though it was fashionable, it was hard to deal with at times. This new movie is happy, positive and talks about being grateful for the situations that we have and that we are in. I loved it.

The fashion in Abu Dhabi was amazing and Aiden make his handsome appearance, which is absolutely wonderful. I recommend this to all the ladies out there. Even the men will enjoy it it they stay open minded. My husband secretly loves these movies I think, at least I think ;) And did I mention the AMAZING FASHION? (If you are fashion curious, feel free to visit my other blog HERE.)

Shrek the 4th, was another apprehensive movie for me. I'm not into the slightly adult humor they introduce to kids in the Shrek series, but this movie was all innocence. I loved it! In my opinion, it was the best of the series and really had a great message, almost akin to Its a Wonderful Life and George Bailey. Give it a shot! It was hilarious and joyful, the kids will stay innocent and you'll stay laughing!

Until next time movie goers! Don't forget to download our podcasts on itunes!