Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story 3 and Query

Hey Kiddies,

Tombstone checkin' in with you. Today I'm going to give you a little preview of my pick of the week. Toy Story 3 beat out every other form of media. Imagine that!

Toy Story 3 starts off with a fantastic scene where Woody, Jessie, and Buzz fight the evil minions of Dr. Porkchop. Reminiscent of Toy Story 2's opening sequence where Buzz battles Emperor Zurg, the movie begins in true Toy Story fashion.

However, after the opening sequence the story slows down a tad with the laughs. When Andy is forced to choose between the attic and donation for his toys, Andy picks the attic. Unfortunately, Andy's mom mistakes his bag of toys as toys to be donated and Woody and the gang are transplanted to Sunnyside Day Care center.

At the center the gang is held captive by Lotso (voiced by Ned Beatty), a character that is just a little bit too much like Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2. Lotso uses Ken as a pawn to keep the gang captive, while Woody, who had escaped from Sunnyside, rescues his pals.

Although the movie is a little slow after the opening sequence, the movie has its share of laughs. I found the scene where Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton) models clothes for Barbie particularly hilarious. Buzz's Spanish dancing culminates a hilarious sub-story in which he is converted to Spanish speaking mode.

Since Toy Story, Woody and the gang have pondered what would happen when they were no longer Andy's toys. The climax to Toy Story 3 only partially deals with this major question. The climax is touching, but leaves the answer to this question up to the viewer.

Overall I felt that Toy Story 3 was a fun film with a touching ending. However, I do feel like the gang at Pixar rehashed Toy Story 2 instead of reinventing themselves. Pixar has always been known for reinventing themselves, and I certainly hope they do that with their future projects. Their new visions for the future have been the catalyst for their success. Toy Story 3 leaves the franchise open for possible movies in the future, but let's hope they leave this franchise where it stands. Let the world remember the Toy Story franchise as being one of the greatest franchises in animated history.

Now for one last segment. I want some audience participation here. I think I am going to get our fans involved a little more so...tell me who you like better...Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Leave your answer in the comment section.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Common Courtesy

Hey kiddies, Tombstone checking in with you. Today I am going to talk about a pet peeve of mine. Movie theater courtesy. Honestly, it's not that hard, yet sometimes I think movie goers are becoming more and more rude. (It could be a figment of my imagination, but a little refresher course on common courtesy can go a long way for everyone...myself included.)

So...Let's start with some basics. When the trailers or movie starts, please zip your lips. This should be an easy one. I'm assuming you paid your 6-10 buck ticket price in the attempt to pay attention to the movie and not those around you. However, there are those who seem to think it's okay to talk to their friends and family at regular talking voices throughout the motion picture. Remember that the other people in the theater didn't pay to listen to your friendly banter. They paid to listen to the film. Also, now is a good time to remind people that unlike watching a movie at home, the movie goer has no way to rewind the film and listen to what he or she missed because others are talking. While the movies are meant to be fun, please remember there are other people at the theaters besides  you and yours.

Let's move on to the next basic. Texting during the film. What many people who text during a film don't realize is that the person sitting next to them can't see...literally. I've had people sitting next to me text during a film. I didn't see one bit while they texted. The light from their phones shone so bright into my eyes, I was blinded. Needless to say I asked the gentleman sitting next to me to not text. Of course, I tried to be as polite and tactful as possible. He doesn't need me ruining his evening for the 6-10 buck ticket charge as well. The unfortunate thing about texting is is that it bothers most of the audience, not just the people sitting next to the texters.

Phones--As so many of the pre-movie advertisements state...please turn them off. This is just a good rule of thumb while visiting the theater. Hearing the custom ringtones of others isn't worth the ticket price. Nevermind the conversation of that guy who actually answers the phone. "What? I can't hear you--I'm at the theater. What was that? Oh! Wait, I'll call you back later."

Babies. Please try not to bring your baby to the 7, 8, 9, or 10 pm showing of an adult film. If you can't find or afford a sitter, and you do bring your babies, please take them outside if they begin to scream. You aren't paying me, or the other audience members, or the theater to babysit your kid.

Now, am I saying that you should be silent at all times throughout the film? No, it's okay to make a comment to your friend, date, or spouse. Just remember to be mindful of the others who are attending as well. Does this mean don't text during the trailer to tell someone where you are sitting? Absolutely not...just try and be courteous.

I think today's world can be volatile at times. The economy at the moment isn't the greatest, and people are having some hard times. Movies are often a good source of relaxation for many. However, I think that a little bit of common courtesy will go a long ways in our lives and the lives of others. Say "please," "thank-you," and "your welcome" to others at the concessions or anywhere else you might be. Hold a door open for someone you don't know. Be cool to others at the movie theater and everywhere else you go and the world will change for the better. I promise. You can quote Tombie on that.

In the meantime rush out and see the latest movie at your local theater. For me this means Get Him to the Greek sometime this weekend. And til I see you again...God Bless you and yours.

Something For The Moms & Something For The Kids

I understand when people tell me that Sex and the City looks super lame and pretentious. I understand this because I was one of those people not too long ago. I would catch a couple minutes of reruns on TBS and think, "Is this the most anti-feminine show in human existence?" However, it sucked me in as TV shows tend to do. And I'm so glad that Sex and the City did just that for me.

How did it suck me in? The drive in out door movie. It was the second feature of the night. My husband and I thought, 'Why not?'. And after I saw the FASHION, the fabulousness, the wonderful shots of New York City and the clever quips and lines of all the ladies, who BTW each represent something within each of us women, I was forever hooked.

Since that time I've watched many, if not all the episodes of SATC. Miranda is most feminist and harsh, yet strong. She stands up for people in need. Charlotte is the sweet one, the domestic one and represents the woman's need to be a wife and mother. Carrie respresents girls that just want to have fun and dress up, kiss boys and go dancing. Samantha, well she represents the sexual side of womanhood, a little too well I'm afraid.

Where SATC 1 focused on Carrie and Big's marriage and relationship, as well as the relationships of the rest of the girls, numero 2 was all fun and laid back enjoyment. The first movie was kind of depressing, overly sexual and even though it was fashionable, it was hard to deal with at times. This new movie is happy, positive and talks about being grateful for the situations that we have and that we are in. I loved it.

The fashion in Abu Dhabi was amazing and Aiden make his handsome appearance, which is absolutely wonderful. I recommend this to all the ladies out there. Even the men will enjoy it it they stay open minded. My husband secretly loves these movies I think, at least I think ;) And did I mention the AMAZING FASHION? (If you are fashion curious, feel free to visit my other blog HERE.)

Shrek the 4th, was another apprehensive movie for me. I'm not into the slightly adult humor they introduce to kids in the Shrek series, but this movie was all innocence. I loved it! In my opinion, it was the best of the series and really had a great message, almost akin to Its a Wonderful Life and George Bailey. Give it a shot! It was hilarious and joyful, the kids will stay innocent and you'll stay laughing!

Until next time movie goers! Don't forget to download our podcasts on itunes!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Its better to have loved LOST than to never have loved at all.

Hello kids, its me Chelsi again! Last night was the epic series finale of the quirky, crazy, confusing show that is LOST. For those of you that started the series and had to quit along the way, don't worry we understand. Seasons 2 and 3 were especially hard to get through. And we are okay with being the butt of your jokes, the weirdos, the forever LOSTies with none productive lives. For those of you that stuck with it, watching six seasons and what amounts to countless hours of LOST tv, we here at Webertainment Weekly commend and congratulate you. In my opinion, it was worth the struggle and the many confusing questions, even those that remain unanswered.

Let me give you a small recap of each season in a nutshell so we can get up to speed. If you aren't caught up, you may not want to read this. In fact, if you are caught up, ignore this. SPOILERS.

Season 1: Our survivors crash, try to figure out how to get off the island, worry about a smoke monster chopping down trees and how to tap into a french distress signal to call for help. Others try to capture Claire because she is pregnant and eventually steal Walt. Our survivors try to leave the island via raft, Gin learns English and well Danielle Rousseau is a crazy b-otch. We end here with Locke & Jack blowing the lid off a hatch into the ground.

Season 2: We find out that Desmond has been living in the hatch pushing a button and Locke continues pushing it. Ben Linus shows up. We learn more about the Others and the Dharma Initiative. We find out about the tail end of the plane and its survivors. We also learn that because Des didn't push the button once, it caused the Oceanic 815 crash. Des lets the hatch implode by turning the magical key. Michael flees the island with his son and coordinates given to him by Linus in exchange for killing Ana Lucia and Libby and freeing Linus.

Season 3: The others capture Sawyer, Kate and Jack. Juliet is introduced. Jack fixes Ben Linus' back. Desmond sees the future and tries to prevent Charlie from dying various deaths. Jack is heart broken when he sees Kate and Sawyer sleep together in a gorilla cage. A boat claims to be Penny's give them all a hope for rescue. However, Charlie dies telling Desmond that its not Penny's boat after all.

Season 4: Crazy scientists arrive claiming to help rescue the survivors. Sun is prego and Juliet confirms its Jin's kid. Desmond starts traveling through time. The freighter peeps turn out to be super evil, especially Keamy who kills Ben's daughter Alex. The freighter blows up before the survivors can reach it, supposedly killing Jin. Sawyer jumps out of the helicopter to prevent the deaths of others. Locke spins a donkey wheel and moves the island, which completely disappears. The remaining survivors are convinced by Jack that they must lie about their friends on the island and go back to normal lives in the real world.

Season 5: The survivors hate their new lives back in reality. Kate is a mother to Aaron. Sun has her baby and aligns her powers with Widmore in order to find the island. Jack is a drug addict with a bad beard trying to convince everyone to go back to the island. Locke ends up in the middle of no where after spinning the wheel. The shift in the island sends it spinning through time. It eventually lands in 1977. Sawyer and Juliet hook up and fall in love for four years until the other survivors who made it off the island come back in the Airjira plane sent through a special time space continuum. We find out that Locke died and they need his body to return. Daniel Faraday talks Quantum Physics and jibber jabber. Miles' Dad is Chang, that creepy dude from the Dharma films. Fake Locke gets Ben to kill Jacob. Jack thinks that detonating a hydrogen bomb will solve all their problems. It explodes and the season ends.

Season 6: We find out that the bomb created an alternate reality called Flash Sideways. Juliet lives even after detonating the bomb, but dies in Sawyer's arms. Sawyers hates Jack for being an idiot. The bomb flung them back to 2004. Rose and Bernard are living the peaceful life with Vincent. There is a creepy temple with a Japanese dude. Claire is the new Rousseau thinking a dingo ate her baby ;). Sun is still looking for Jin who was stuck in the 70's. We find out some insane stuff about Jacob and guy liner himself, Richard Alpert. We feel bad for the creepy Man in Black when we learn his history. Hurley can see dead people. Jack is the new Jacob. Blah blah blah

Okay, I think that preeeeetty much brings us up to speed. What we learned is that the island is a special place that holds the good light of mankind as well as the evil. Its a cork in a wine bottle. If the cork lets loose the evil, bad news kids. So Jacob protects the cork light thingy. MIB is his brother and didn't want to be smokey. He wants off the island.

Jacob's time is up and Jack takes over. Desmond is the key to uncorking the island because he can resist electromagnetic energy due to his hatch implosion experience. He uncorks and the island goes nuts. The lack of cork allows both 'Jack'ob and Smokey to be killed now whereas before they were immortal. Smokey and Jack have an epic ultimate punch moment and then Kate actually does something worthwhile and kills off Smokey. Jack sacrifices himself to cork back the island and save his friends who fly away in the Airjira plane.

In the alternate reality Desmond wakes everyone who is ready up from some sort of individual self created limbo and has them go to their special meeting place. Essentially Jack finds out that the island was the most important time in his life and so all of those people who helped him become better had to meet up before they could, 'pass on' to the other side. Before that they were fooling themselves in a happy limbo middle land, where they could have some of their desires come true. Faraday was a musician rather than a physicist. Charlie's band was successful and he had loads of herion. Desmond was Charles Widmore's favorite guy. Jack kicks ass as a surgeon. Blah blah blah.

They all had to be woken up from this limbo land, where they variously landed and came to when they died. Which time is neither here nor there. And then they all hug and move into the light. Christian Shephard explains this all to his son, both tearful, happy and embracing, ready to move on. These were the best lines in the series in my opinion. "You needed them and they needed you."

The significance is that they are in a Unitarian type church where all religions are important and none are important. Essentially, the island attracted to itself all people who needed something resolved in life. The island was the learning place.

Was it cheesy? Yes. But was it inspiring and cool? Yes. LOST taught us that science and faith can coexist and that we have much to learn from both areas. It had time travel, quantum physics, explosions, hot bodies and a metaphysical spiritual feel good ending. What LOST tried to tell us, in a very confusing and round about way, is that everyone we meet in our life we are connected to and they play a role in our life to teach us, either good or bad. LOST told us our lives are important and have meaning, purpose and direction.

We never got the complete answers to everything, like why Richard Alpert loves eyeliner so much. Yet LOST was a con we were willing to buy into because it just felt too good. :0)

Oh how I will miss it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Robin Hood is Robin my time and Robin my money

For those of you that live in a hole, Robin Hood came out in theaters this weekend. This the newest movie from (Sir) Ridley Scott. Now I have nothing against him as a director as far as visuals, but I think that he messed up on this movie.

As I have spoken (i.e. slightly ranted) about on the show, I first have a problem with the tag line of the film, "The untold story of how the Man became the Legend." I have a problem with something that is a legend/fiction and try to pass it off as history. (I'm looking at you King Arthur...) The legend came to be hundreds of years after the man actually would have lived.

My main problem is that they use the title of "Robin Hood" as an excuse to make crap up and do whatever they heck they want. Don't go to this movie thinking that you will get a retelling of the usual story that you hear. This movie has almost nothing to do with it, and though some say think of it as a prequel, I find it hard to believe with some of the things that they did put in the movie.

For those of you who didn't know, this movie stars Russell Crowe as Robin Longstride who is fighting in the Crusades with King Richard and they are on their way back and fighting in France. The king is suddenly killed, and Robin and his friends (one from just a few minutes previous.) escape the battle and decide to return to England. The king's crown is being delivered and the delivery men get ambushed and killed. Robin Longstride meets Robin of Locksley as he is dying, promises to return his sword to his father, and the crown to the country. Robin accepts and goes on his way.

Well along the way, he meets Maid Marian, and details, details. I will make this more about the flaws I thought that the movie has. First is these orphan children that serve absolutely no purpose in the movie, not to mention that it took a while to figure out who they actually were. They served no purpose until the end and even that was questionable.

This movie made it so that France was trying to attack England and doing it by causing political unrest, which never happened. They made it sound like the Robin's dad created the Magna Carta, and made it free for all men and did it at this point in history, which again didn't happen.

Eventually the differing sides meet up together at the "White Horse" which is made in the wrong century (and nearly 600 years later, I might add). Then they make a magical journey to the white cliffs of Dover, which is quite far away but they make the journey in only minutes. Not only that but the people that they left behind near Sherwood, have been able to sneak up and be able to join the fight and in full armor to boot! Thank you Cate Blanchett for your random appearance as well the the king of france (who only appears twice.)

In the end the movie was too long (could have been half the length) and the story seemed pieced together. However, I will say that the cinematography is great, as well the acting, and costume and set design. This really does look like it is in medieval times. The music is good as well. The movie is quite watchable though long. I would agree with most critics in a 2 or 2 1/2 stars. The movie is fine but I feel like it should not belong in the second week of the summer movie season. My advice is to go see Iron Man 2 again, or save your money for later this summer. Until next time, this is Zach signing out!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iron Man 2 is awesome, and what you never thought you would hear about Wal-Mart.

Well it's about time I actually posted another blog so at long last here it is.

First, is a shock even to me. Wal-Mart actually did something good albiet with the help of Proctor & Gamble. A few weeks ago, NBC finally aired "Secrets of the Mountain" in mid April as we talked about on the show.

To make a long story short, Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble haven't liked what has been on the air both in content of programs and commercials. So as a grand experiment, they partnered and bought a chunk of time on NBC (which is the cheapest broadcast network at this point). What happened could very likely be the future of television.

The movie itself was decently interesting, reminding me of some of the early Hallmark movies. But what it was the commercials that I thought was the most interesting.

What Wal-Mart and P&G did is devise a way to keep viewers interested on the commercials. The companies sponsored the program as was the custom when television first started. But whenever they went to a commercial, Wal-Mart would have a Trivial Pursuit question and the answer would be given coming back from the commercial. In between would be a mixture of commercials from P&G and Wal-Mart. But the most interesting commercials were ones that were produced by both companies together. They were a series of a family and their adventures usually surrounding their trips to Wal-Mart and they happened to buy P&G products. Then once it was done it would give us a preview of the next mini episode.

I thought that all of these strategies were great and may be able to combat DVR tendencies. They created interest in the stories or trivias. The ads were less pressured and they allowed for the products to be shown in everyday situations. And by having the stories of the family within a set amount of time. The audience was able to keep it's attention on the commercials by having the stories and the set time. It made interest in the commercials supercede the urge to change the channel. In the end, that helped "Secrets of the Mountain" win the night in ratings and blew the competion out of the water. So far the experiment from the two companies seems to have been a success as a second movie made by the two companies is already in the works and is set to air in June.

Second, is my review of Iron Man 2. I am going to try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. I thought that the movie was awesome but still had a few flaws. First off I would say that the movie was not quite as the first one but for a sequel the level was extemely high.

The movie is great for a middle movie either to be succeeded by the Avengers or Iron Man 3. Definitely better then the second movie of the pirates movie and the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

This movie has a great mix of humor, action and even in jokes for the fan boys. The story itself is reminicent of the first movie but with more storylines. However all the stories come together in the end and let the story end beautifully.

There are several different in jokes from the usual Stan Lee cameo (which I enjoy discovering how they are going to hide it) to references to Captain America and Thor.

As a last bit of advice. Please stay after the credits! There is something important to see! It does deal with the next Marvel movie.

In summary, this is a great kick off to the summer movie season and a great addition to the new generation of comic book movies! Iron Man 2 is pure fun and a great way to forget your troubles for 2 hours.

We will see you soon on the next episode of Webertainment Weekly! Same bat time, same bat channel.