Friday, June 4, 2010

Something For The Moms & Something For The Kids

I understand when people tell me that Sex and the City looks super lame and pretentious. I understand this because I was one of those people not too long ago. I would catch a couple minutes of reruns on TBS and think, "Is this the most anti-feminine show in human existence?" However, it sucked me in as TV shows tend to do. And I'm so glad that Sex and the City did just that for me.

How did it suck me in? The drive in out door movie. It was the second feature of the night. My husband and I thought, 'Why not?'. And after I saw the FASHION, the fabulousness, the wonderful shots of New York City and the clever quips and lines of all the ladies, who BTW each represent something within each of us women, I was forever hooked.

Since that time I've watched many, if not all the episodes of SATC. Miranda is most feminist and harsh, yet strong. She stands up for people in need. Charlotte is the sweet one, the domestic one and represents the woman's need to be a wife and mother. Carrie respresents girls that just want to have fun and dress up, kiss boys and go dancing. Samantha, well she represents the sexual side of womanhood, a little too well I'm afraid.

Where SATC 1 focused on Carrie and Big's marriage and relationship, as well as the relationships of the rest of the girls, numero 2 was all fun and laid back enjoyment. The first movie was kind of depressing, overly sexual and even though it was fashionable, it was hard to deal with at times. This new movie is happy, positive and talks about being grateful for the situations that we have and that we are in. I loved it.

The fashion in Abu Dhabi was amazing and Aiden make his handsome appearance, which is absolutely wonderful. I recommend this to all the ladies out there. Even the men will enjoy it it they stay open minded. My husband secretly loves these movies I think, at least I think ;) And did I mention the AMAZING FASHION? (If you are fashion curious, feel free to visit my other blog HERE.)

Shrek the 4th, was another apprehensive movie for me. I'm not into the slightly adult humor they introduce to kids in the Shrek series, but this movie was all innocence. I loved it! In my opinion, it was the best of the series and really had a great message, almost akin to Its a Wonderful Life and George Bailey. Give it a shot! It was hilarious and joyful, the kids will stay innocent and you'll stay laughing!

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